TikTok Analytics February 2020 Report

In this analytics report, we are bringing you more data and statistics from the TikTok Analytics that we gather from the TikTok profiles.

TikTok is continuously growing, more and more casual, business and creative users are starting to consider TikTok more important.

Let us get right into it ๐Ÿ“ˆ.

Initially, we had written our first blog post on 19th of December where we calculated and shown you the Engagement Rates on TikTok at that time.

You can go back and compare that report with the current one if you wish to see how things are evolving, to get a better insight and understanding.

At the time that this blog post is written and published, CloutMeter is analyzing more than 28,700+ TikTok profiles. All the data shown below will be based on that.

Engagement rates

Just like in the original article, here are the average engagement rates based on different followers ranges.

Followers RangeAverage Engagement RateTotal profiles analysed
< 1,00044.5%8,914
1,000 – 5,00075.8%4,486
5,000 – 10,00064.2%1,081
10,000 – 50,00051.8%2,155
50,000 – 100,00020.1%1,506
100,000 – 500,0007.3%5,928
500,000 – 1,000,0006.2%1,452
1M – 3,000,0006.7%1,244
> 3,000,0006.6%517
TikTok37.1% 27,283

The number of total profiles analyzed differs from the total amount of TikTok profiles we track because we only count the average engagement rate of the profile if the user has at least 1 TikTok video uploaded at the current time of the analysis.

Video Statistics based on duration

In the following table & graph, you can take a look at the average likes, comments, and shares based on the duration range of the actual TikTok

Video Duration (seconds)Average LikesAverage CommentsAverage Shares
256-271no datano data no data
271-286no data no data no data

These statistics are based on 772,907 analyzed TikTok videos.

As you can see from the table, the TikTok videos which perform the best are the ones with a duration between 151 and 166 seconds.

Of course, these metrics may or may not affect the number of likes, comments, or shares, but they are interesting to check out and maybe test them out.

Topmost viewed TikTok profiles

To end this blog post, here are the top 10 TikTok accounts which were the most accessed on CloutMeter.

1. charli dโ€™amelio (@charlidamelio)

2. Loren Gray (@lorengray)

3. TikTok (@tiktok)

4. Zach King (@zachking)

5. addison rae โท (@addisonre)

6. BabyAriel (@babyariel)

7. Jake Paul (@jakepaul)

8. ruลพa ๐Ÿ’ (@steadyruza)

9. Jacob Sartorius (@jacobsartorius)

10. Casey Neistat (@caseyneistat)

If you wish to see other type of statistics for the next report, let us know!

2 Replies to “TikTok Analytics February 2020 Report”

  1. Hi, do you have information on the distribution of likes, views etc. that videos get?

    For example: maybe 20% of videos get 1-10 views, 20% get 10-100, 30% get 100-1000, etc.


    1. Hey, Benjamin!

      Thank you for the suggestion, I will try to add this on the March report for 2020 ๐Ÿ™.


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