TikTok Analytics March 2020 Report

First of all, I hope you are doing good and staying safe in these times!

We’re going to take a look at the updated statistics report from our TikTok Analytics database for March 2020.

A lot has changed since our last February 2020 Report, let’s see!

CloutMeter is now even bigger than before, keeping track of more than 87,000+ TikTok profiles. All the analytics and statistics which are shown below are based on our database with statistics that we collected.

Engagement rates

The engagement rate for TikTok profiles keep on changing as the platform evolves and grows, so it is interesting to see how the Engagement rates are now, compared to previous months.

Followers RangeAverage Engagement RateTotal profiles analysed
< 1,00039.3%28,427
1,000 – 5,00051.3%12,729
5,000 – 10,00056.3%2.905
10,000 – 50,00046.8%5,402
50,000 – 100,00018.4%2,359
100,000 – 500,00011.2%23,958
500,000 – 1,000,0008.3%6,320
1M – 3M8.6%3,643
3M – 10M7.5%803
> 10M5.5%116
TikTok26.69% 86,662

You can go to the February 2020 Report and see what has changed.

Note that we only calculated and took into consideration TikTok profiles that have at least 1 TikTok video uploaded.

Video Statistics based on duration

These are the statistics of TikTok videos based on the amount of seconds each video has. You might be able to draw some conclusions on which video duration does best for the users of the platform.

Duration (sec)CoverageAverage ViewsAverage LikesAverage CommentsAverage Shares

These statistics are based on 2,050,000+ analyzed TikTok videos.

Unlike the previous February report, we only included the duration of TikTok videos which had at least 1% in coverage, as there are other TikTok videos with a higher duration as well, which are not relevant at all.

You can see from the statistics above that the best performing videos in regards to engagement are the 31-46 seconds ones.$

Topmost viewed TikTok profiles

These are the most accessed tiktok accounts on our website in March.

1. charli d’amelio (@charlidamelio)

2. Loren Gray (@lorengray)

3. The Food Vlogger (@thefoodvlogger)

4. addison rae ⁷ (@addisonre)

5. Zach King (@zachking)

6. Sameeksha (@sameeksha_sud)

7. Ambaliya Ruchita (@miss_patalani)

8. Faisal shaikh (@mr_faisu_07)

9. Zachariah (@zsmittty)

10. Jon707 (@realjontorres)

If you wish to see other type of statistics for the next report, let us know!

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